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UsaSexGuide free has nearly no competitors or analogs on the adult scene. But even if they appear, it’ll be chosen over the others for the absence of charge and fair donation conditions.

This adult forum is available to everyone, from any region. Even non-members can read the threads but cannot use the search field until they register. The less known facts and contacts are extremely useful.

How to become a member of USASexGuide

There are certain categories of membership to reach.

  • Standard member of USASexGuide. An email verified new member can surf the forum all over, also create his own posts with the pictures or contact other users.
  • Senior member of Usa Sex Guide. Time period: 6 months+, number of posts: 25+. It’s a serious advantage, since only senior members get invited to kinky private parties.
  • Non moderated member. A higher level would be only Admin. Time period: 1 year+. Number of posts: any, if all rules followed. Further posts aren’t moderated anymore.

What info USA Sex Guide gives to users

  • Providers reports. Whether it’s a webcam girl, a streetwalker, or a body rubber, they may perform too good or too bad not to comment that. Reports are really numerous.
  • Call girls health. It’s common to discuss on UsaSexGuide whether some popular provider is pregnant, sick with vaginal infections, or Covid positive. Vital to know!
  • Escorts career. It happens that a local porn star leaves the scene, but only to open her own massage parlor or kinky SPA. Members exchange the addresses and prices then.
  • Real data. Providers tend to hide their real age, name, or even gender. Either their fans of victims, UsaSexGuide members are warning each other and revealing the true facts.

Is Usa Sex Guide for couples and threesomes

Threesomes pricing is also of everyone’s interest, so it’s reflected within the threads. Here is the Lesbi and Bi-escort cost in the fanciest and cheaper areas of the USA adult dating scene.

  • Arizona – $150 / hour.
  • California – $300 / hour.
  • Florida – $400 / hour.
  • Nevada – $300 / hour.
  • Washington – $200 / hour.

How many members on UsaSexGuide

The number 500K is already an old data. In 2021/2022, there are nearly 800K members on UsaSexGuide and the quantity keeps growing as the lockdown continues and keeps bored people at home.





Las Vegas

Los Angeles



New York

O.C. California



San Diego

San Francisco


Washignton, DC

Smaller towns are also presented in threads, such as Racine, Sarasota, Augusta, Grand Rapids, Saint Louis, Dayton, etc. Non-USA users aren’t restricted from joining and surfing.

On a condition, however, that they search for American escorts info, since there’s none about other locations.

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