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Once sex-positive culture has spread around the West and developed further, such a unique product appeared in the market as Rubmaps. Those are popular and comfy massage parlor listings.

It is enough to say this guide is accurate enough to indicate all existing bodyrub places by location. So, many escort forums and bloggers are using it as a main source of the information.

What is Rubmaps

There are escort listings consisting of the ads, and a certain percent of them can be a fraud. But it’s different with Rubmaps site. It’s in fact an address and a phone book of already opened parlors.

The data is always recently updated and fresh, so, nothing is fake. The site admins do not respond, however, for each ad and every provider indicated there. Reviews are posted elsewhere.

The sites like UsaSexGuide give an opportunity to share MP and escort reports. But that’s another story, the basic data is found on Rubmaps first. It’s a big collection of pleasure escort saloons.

The main condition for becoming a part of these listings is the happy ending the workers serve. If it’s just a classical therapeutic massage and no eroticism is involved, a place won’t be listed there.

Using RubMaps is as simple as surfing and shopping online. In a way, it’s purchasing the services as well, so the visual perception had to be optimized to the maximum.

While browsing, one instantly sees his location options, and then top popular cities for massage parlors visiting. One can easily set up a happy ending session, both in his city and abroad.

Sexy blonde girl wear on combi dress

Is Rubmaps legit

Most users report they succeeded to get a happy ending via Rubmaps. The addresses and phones were exact, MP admins and girls kindly welcomed the guests, and all sessions took place.

But then the nuances come. Complaints are usually connected with overcharging, shortened time of the session, or girls’ ignorance during the session. But Rubmaps is legit, nonetheless.

It’s the same in each business and one should rely on people’s reviews anyway. Somewhere the employees are more diligent and feminine, but in other places, they mostly care about the payment.

The best is to get to know the best girl masseuse’s name and make an agreement with her regarding extra services. For instance, it can be CFS instead of just a quick oily handjob.

What matters is that all parlors listed in these body rub maps, can be visited in real and it answers the question is Rubmaps legit. There are bigger saloons rated on Google, and smaller places too.

Find out which ones are the closest to you, and which spicy services they provide compared to the ads they post on Rubmaps. There is always a possibility to leave your own feedback.

Rubmaps girl with naked legs

Is Rubmaps free

Unlike most escort listings, Rubmaps isn’t free for men. But it isn’t too pricey either, those are $19.99 a month typical for adult dating apps and sites. It’s a competitive cost in the casual sex market.

Many admit the payment is fair with all the precious information found on Rubmaps. Some add, it worth each penny. It’s probably because these MP listings alone are a powerful tool for HE.

If to combine it with UsaSexGuide or other escort reports, a very strong strategy and routes for a local happy ending can be built. The payment is suggested right upon registering.

It is issued with the bank card or PayPal. One shouldn’t worry though, monthly payments on Rubmaps aren’t charged automatically. Instead, the user should confirm them manually once in 30 days.

Since the payment is pretty symbolical both for the ads authors and the clients, Rubmaps is considered reasonably priced. The owners are obviously interested rather in a big quantity of members.

Feel the advantages of paid massage parlor listings vs free escort sites. Those are stronger guarantees and a higher quality of sex services since the RubMaps team is checking the MP reports.

Sexy RubMaps girl masseuse

Can I hook up on RubMaps

Those are not typical call girls on RubMaps but Asian SPAs workers and massage parlor employees. Some can do good massages and others just pretend, the same comes to a happy ending.

In general, yes, RubMaps listings are meant for quick hookups in any form, mostly HJ. Here are the extra services a client can receive if pre-agreed with the masseuse or the MP admin.

  • MT, mutual touch. Girls may take off their panties for a few more bucks and allow it.
  • CBJ, covered blowjob. It’s a safe for both parts type of HE available at some MP
  • BBJ, bare blowjob. It’s surely the most amazing but think twice before you order it.
  • CFS, covered full service. Provided for extra if there’s a private curtain in MP.
  • BBFS, bareback full service. Only rarely given by masseuses who are real escorts.

Finally, there are call girls who are just part-time in an MP. The rest of the time, they do all the things one finds on escort listings, from GFE to various kinks and BDSM activities.

But sex services within the parlor itself are always limited and one shouldn’t expect much. If liked some worker more than another, arrange further pleasures in person, not through the MP administrators.

top view of gorgeous brunette girl

Is RubMaps for married

The site RubMaps is totally couple-friendly. It means open-minded partners can join one’s adventure as well, get a HE massage for couples or have fresh ideas for a threesome.

In this meaning, RubMaps is for married as well. But it isn’t considered a cheating or adultery site. If someone doesn’t receive proper sexual care and relief at home, it’s available in MP.

Lots of male clients whose wife is currently sick or who just went through the breakup expressed their appreciation to RubMaps listings and a massage parlor concept in general.

The whole process is neutral and impersonal enough not to create any ethical doubts. If not to order the masseuses with girlfriend experience in ListCrawler services, it is kept brief and professional only.

For visits within a couple, folks should ask a particular RubMaps massage parlor whether they serve female clients. Some don’t. The best option is to get a four-hand massage for both partners.

So, in fact, MP services with a happy ending are able to strengthen a couple’s relationship, instead of weakening it. Family therapists highly recommend kinky SPAs to be visited as a couple.

How to order on RubMaps site

Things are kept simple on RubMaps. One just browses through the massage parlor listings, chooses the hot masseuses and location that suit him the best, and makes a phone call.

There are typically several phone numbers in each ads post. It’s because a SPA is an organization with several employees at least, and they’re afraid to miss out on their clients.

Do not worry if someone else answers your call, not a lady on pictures. The main thing is that you tell her nickname and describe the ad you liked, precisely. Then the same person will serve you in MP.

Interestingly enough, visiting a parlor and contacting them by phone can be done after Google search as well. But in this case, one never knows what exactly they perform, HJ, CBJ, Nuru, or CFS.

Is RubMaps safe

There’s nothing to worry about on RubMaps as no one requests the pre-payment or hidden costs. Even if some provider does, never send any money before you visit a parlor in person, experts warn.

Also, prior to visiting an Asian SPA or other kinky saloons, check for them on Google and on forums like UsaSexGuide. The aim is to find real users’ reviews and decide whether a place is safe.

There isn’t any scam detected on RubMaps since providers are interested in giving real services and being paid for them. The ads aren’t pre-moderated much, but each parlor paid for posting them.

RubMaps massage girl in a parlor

It already guarantees the absence of fraud. Some tricks are possible, however, during the SPA visiting. The time of the visit can be shortened compared to the pre-agreed period.

At the same time, one should care about his sexual and physical safety as well. Luckily, there are no scary securities or male bosses in the parlors, but caution never hurts.

If to talk about the services, it is always more desirable to order bare blowjob and full service, but health specialists insist on covered ones. Although some protective gels and pills can be used, CBJ is safer.

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